Thursday, December 27, 2012

Natural Lard - Organic, Pastured and Home Made

Thanks to my recent trip to Dalew Farms for some tasty tasty pork, I went ahead and made up some lard from the pork fat I got.

Home made lard provides the most preferable form of monounsaturated fat you can get in my opinion for those practicing paleo, primal or nutritional ketosis ways of living.

Making Lard

Organic, pastured pure home made lard
Rich in monounsaturated and healthy saturated fat.

Lots of fat from pastured, organically raised pigs from Dalew Farms

Chop into strips or cubes

Place in crock pot, cover, overnight on low heat setting
(Note, setting the ceramic crock pot with the fat in an oven at 300 for 30 minutes instead to rend will reduce greatly the porky taste and make a cleaner tasting lard.  You will have to experiment with times each batch to find a balance between rendered fat output and flavor)

In the morning its golden and rich, we must remove the cracklins

Filter fat through a coffee filter, this strained fat is your lard

No preservatives at all but the odd bit of protein may have come along so its best to seal and refridgerate and date and use in a reasonable time frame

Refridgerate - Result was 2 tubs, about 2.5 pounds of rich colored high quality  lard loaded with nutrients.  Get cooking!

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